The Only Holiday Playlist You Need

There’s no denying that single moms are bosses everywhere they go. Whether we’re talking about the world of beauty or politics, these moms are making some serious noise, but when it comes to the Holiday Season, there is only one Queen. Mariah Carey.

Since releasing the holiday hit ‘All I Want For Christmas’ in 1994, Carey’s popularity during the last quarter of the year is unmatched. Roc and Roe’s mom not only belts out the iconic tune, but she also co-wrote and co-produced the hit alongside Walter Afanasieff for her first holiday album ‘Merry Christmas.’ Twenty-six years later the song still tops the Billboard charts every Holiday Season and averages about a million streams per day on Spotify.

As a result of Mariah’s killer Christmas success, singers every year try their hand at recreating the magic, and gold Carey struck decades ago. This year alone, Gwen Stefani teamed up with Hallmark for her ‘Here This Christmas’ single, which is the theme song to their ‘Countdown to Christmas’ special, and Jennifer Lopez partnered with Stevie Mackey on her first-ever holiday song for an updated version of ‘It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.’ And Mariah still isn’t done, she teamed up with fellow single mom Jennifer Hudson and Ariana Grande for her 2020 hit ‘Oh Santa’ which was featured on her ‘Mariah’s Magical Christmas Special’ on AppleTV. When it comes to the Queen and Christmas, the limit simply does not exist.

Below, we’ve rounded up fourteen of the best holiday songs sung by single moms and included a bonus of ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ because respect must be paid. Enjoy and happy holidays!

One-Woman Village Holiday Playlist