7 Apps To Help Your Single Mom Life

When we think of apps, short for applications, we usually think of the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, but it was actually IBM that created the first smartphone that included an app in 1994. Twenty-six years later, it’s almost as if our phones are run by apps, social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram being number one, followed by web browsers and utility apps

It’s impossible to ignore how much time we as a society are spending on our mobile phones today compared to even a decade ago. In 2019, time spent on mobile devices surpassed how much time the average US adult spends watching television daily, with apps accounting for 80% of that phone usage. 

But in a world of infinite apps, how do you even begin to choose? Not to worry. We rounded up the applications that are actually going to impact your busy life for the better. If you are looking for organization, fellow single mom friends, or a better understanding of your child, these apps let you have it all in the palm of your hand. 


Peanut is the app you will have from conception to raising your child into adulthood. You can start tracking your fertility before you even get pregnant, track the baby’s progress, and then share your motherhood journey. The app also allows you to join groups or add specific tags to your profile in order to help you connect with other mothers. 

Mamma Miya: A Mom Planner 

If you can’t afford a personal assistant but desperately need some help, Mamma Miya has got you covered. It keeps together your schedule, to-do lists, and also can connect with other moms using the app so you can sync your regularly scheduled playdates or practices. The app also has a cool feature where you can break down activities by hat whether it be your mom hat, sister hat, friend hat, work hat, etc. to help you manage all the different aspects of your life. 


This app was developed by a single mother to help other single mothers. Single mom Zoe Desmond found herself incredibly lonely in the first year after giving birth to her daughter and was inspired to create an app to connect mothers. They currently have rolled out in the UK and Ireland, but you can sign up to be notified when the app comes to your area. 


Have you ever wanted to vent about a play date location or share endless photos of your child? Then Social.mom is going to be your new favorite app. Designed to help connect moms with children of the same age, the app also helps you find activities near you and offers advice from professionals. It’s a great way to connect if you’ve moved to a new neighborhood or are looking for local deals in your community. 

Sanity & Self: Stress Relief 

Most of the other apps on this list are there to help you manage your mom duties, but this app is here just for you. Meant to help you manage stress, there are mediations, experts, and articles to help you understand your stress triggers and find solutions. The app also includes a journal section so that you can check in with yourself. It’s incredibly important to focus on your self-care and prioritize yourself every once in a while so that you can have the energy and mental capacity to also give 100 percent as a mother.  

CodeCheck: Food & Cosmetics

Who has time to read labels? Not a busy mom like yourself, so CodeCheck is a game-changer. Simply scan the barcode on products and you will get a rating on the product along with a list of ingredients that are safe or not for your children and yourself. It’s an excellent companion when shopping, especially if you have children with allergies or health restrictions, and also gives you the nutritional value of food products. 


Do you ever have days where you have zero energy? What about absolutely no more mental capacity? It happens to all. of. us. Every month your body has a different cycle, but how do you know where exactly you are? Biorhythm helps you understand what is going on internally all by entering your birth date. Your personal biorhythm will show where your physical, mental, emotional, and intellectual energy levels are daily. Using this information can you help plan for things like potty training or days to take it easy physically. You’ll soon notice you are getting the most out of your and your children’s days based on where their natural biorhythm is.