Kim Kardashian-West On Why She Won’t Lie To Her Kids

Kim Kardashian-West is on fire after she broke television screens this weekend while guest-hosting Saturday Night Live. Since then, the single mother-of-four has been everywhere dressed in hot pink and honest as ever.

The Calabasas-native is being applauded for being relatable; one of her sketches, Ladies Night Song, gives a nod to what life as a mom is like out in the club. The good, the bad, and the sleepy.

Today, Ellentube brand Oh Bubble, a community dedicated to being a ‘timeout for moms’ debuted #MomConfessions with the mommy mogul. Kimmy gets honest about the meanest thing her oldest daughter, North West, has ever said to her and why she doesn’t like to lie to her kids. Watch her video interview below.

‘I’m guilty of a good bribe.’

Kim Kardashian-West

What’s a warning you’d give someone about having kids? 

I would honestly just say, it’s not really a warning but just maybe it’ll calm you: everyone’s winging it. Just wing it, you’ll figure it out. 

What’s your biggest parenting fail?

My biggest parenting fail is I give in too easily and bribes. I’m guilty of a good bribe. 

What’s the meanest thing your child has said to you? 

Every time I get into some kind of disagreement with my daughter North, she thinks this is a dig to me. And she’ll say, ‘your house is so ugly it’s all white. Who lives like this?’ She just thinks it gets to me and it is kind of mean, because I like my house. 

What’s something you’ve had to learn on the fly as a parent?

Everything, honestly. I mean this week I’m learning to play Roblox. So everything parenting-wise is on the fly. 

What’s a lie you recently told your kids?

I really try not to lie to the kids. I was doing that at the beginning, to try to get them out of the house, or to try to go into a playdate or things like that. And i just realized quickly that it wasn’t going to work for me and I’d rather be honest with my kids.


What’s a trait of yours that your child has that you wish they didn’t?

Maybe my love for makeup, because they’re too young. I don’t know, but then I kind of like it because they’re super creative and they do like fun costume looks. Maybe my love for sweets?

What’s something your kid has said or done that creeped you out?

Every time my kids are playing with bugs, or their fascination with spiders and loving spiders creeps me out on another level.

Charlize Theron Hates Homeschooling As Much As You Do

The March issue of Vanity Fair was a whimsical look at the biggest stars in Tinsel Town, featuring none other than badass single mom Charlize Theron. The iconic twenty-seventh edition of the Hollywood Issue also features cover stars Spike Lee, Michael B. Jordan, Maya Rudolph, Awkwafina, Sacha Baron Cohen, Zendaya, Dan Levy, Michaela Coel, and LaKeith Stanfield. They’ve each made their mark on the industry, and in 2021 they’re only more unstoppable.

The South African mother-of-two was raised by a single mom and has prioritized daughters August and Jackson since their adoptions. If you think you’re the only parent struggling to stay afloat during the lockdown, you aren’t alone. When asked how her life has changed since 2020, the powerhouse responds, “This year has definitely amped up my angst, my anger. I think it just, like, heightened all of those human feelings.”

The Old Guard star opens up about loving RuPaul’s Drag Race, how the pandemic helped her deal with her fame, and why homeschooling sucks more for parents than for kids. Read more of her Vanity Fair interview with Cassie da Costa here.

On not being prepared for homeschooling her children.

No, God, nothing prepares you. I know this for fact because I have had many boozy Zooms with other moms. Nothing prepares you for this. It’s also the first time in my life that I really had to confront how shitty and how terrible I am at something, like true failure. I’m a horrible teacher, a horrible teacher. I’ve had to really sit in that uncomfortableness and acknowledge that and just be with it because I don’t have any other choice right now.

On how she and her children dealt with the pandemic blues.

I watch a lot of cooking shows with my kids, a lot of Nailed It! and The Great British Baking Show. Those are so comforting because it’s just full inspiration for what we can bake and eat. After a while, there’s only so much you can watch with young kids before your brain explodes. So, that was really a lovely thing. And then we went on a binge of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I will always think of that show as our family corona show that I had to prewatch every episode and figure out which ones were appropriate and which ones weren’t. But, that was a fun family thing for us too, that just puts a smile on my face.

On how her thoughts on fame changed during COVID-19.

Listen, I’ve got a five-year-old and a soon-to-be nine-year-old that I’ve been homeschooling. I will say that, in general for me, I have never been comfortable with fame. That’s probably the one thing that I really don’t like about my job. When I became interested in movies and acting, I was living on a farm community in South Africa, where there were no materials, there was no reading about celebrities. I loved Tom Hanks movies and Goldie Hawn movies. But, I didn’t know who they were or what their names were.

I think that has always been weird for me, coming into [Hollywood]. When I started almost being famous, being followed, it was a bad thing…. I honestly went through periods, when my kids were a lot younger, where that really did bother me. I think I was aggressive about it. And then I worked my way to a place where I just didn’t think about it so much and didn’t have it consume me—the worry or the hatred of people following you or following your kids. And so, I had to do some work on that because it’s definitely not something that I like. I still wish that I could just…I know this is not how it works. I get it. I’m not an idiot. But, I still wish I could go and do my job, and not have to be fodder for tabloids or have my family members see that. So, this year has been…I miss my friends, and I do miss to travel. But outside of that, not having to do things or be seen, it’s been very refreshing.

Love Charlize’s look? The star wore a coat by Richard Quinn, shorts and top by Pyer Moss for Reebok with TITLE boxing gloves. Her cover look is Dior and was photographed and animated by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. Want more Charlize? Read her full interview at Vanity Fair.

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7 Single Mom-Owned Liquor Brands To Sip On

It’s no surprise that America likes to drink. Super Bowl, holidays, or birthday celebrations typically include some sort of bubbly, but in 2020 the country took it to a whole new level. According to a JAMA Network Open report, alcohol consumption is up 14 percent overall, with a 41 percent increase in heavy drinking for women.

And though OWV does not condone binge or overdrinking, we do understand the need for a cocktail or two to unwind. With all of the conflicting information out there (it turns out red wine isn’t ‘good’ for the heart), we can say that moderation is key, and drinking with friends is always a good idea.

RHOSLC Housewife Heather Gay sipping some wine

Thankfully websites like Instacart and Drizly have made it easier for us to shop at home conveniently, all while staying comfortably safe and COVID-free from our favorite spot on the couch. So the next time you’re scrolling for a new bottle to try, we’ve got a few suggestions. Below, we rounded up seven single moms changing up the liquor game. Whether you’re a wine gal, a vodka lover, or all about the bubbles, there’s something for everyone.

King St. Vodka

Kate Hudson is shaking up the liquor industry one vodka bottle at a time. According to the King St webpage, Kate wasn’t impressed with any of her vodka options and, after realizing there were no vodkas founded by women, decided it was time for a change. We personally could not agree more. Hudson’s hand-crafted vodka is distilled in Santa Barbara, and the name was inspired by her New York City home on King Street. The vodka is made with alkaline water and distilled seven times (which really helps with hangovers) and is gluten-free for anyone who keeps gluten out of their diet.

Ole’ Orleans

Single mom Kim Lewis started her wine line in 2018 in none other than New Orleans. The red and white wines are all created in the state of Louisiana, and each is dedicated to sharing a piece of New Orleans history. The mother-of-three has a brick-and-mortar store in the Big Easy and offers virtual wine tasting for up to twenty people.

Ferguson Crest

Fergie and her dad co-founded this winery in 2006. They offer a variety of reds and whites with cute names like Fergalicious and Axl Jack, after Fergie’s son. The Black Eyed Peas singer is also a minority owner in Pitbull’s Voli Vodka, which offers a 305 version made in Miami and lots of flavors.

Skinnygirl Cocktails

Bethenny may have launched her Skinnygirl Cocktails line with a margarita, but she soon expanded. The Real Housewives of New York housewife now has over 30 varieties that include vodka, wine, piña colada, and prosecco.

Bellissima by Christie Brinkley

The QVC-exclusive line has sparkling wine and prosecco available with and without calories. That’s right, the model and mother-of-three offers her liquor with zero carbs and sugar options, plus Bambini bottles perfect for an outdoor picnic.

Miraval Wines 

Launched in 2012, the brand is a partnership with the Perrin family and Angelina Jolie and ex-husband Brad Pitt. Under the Miraval collection is Côtes de Provence Rosé, Muse de Miraval Rosé, and STUDIO by Miraval Rosé. The two continue to co-own the brand, which offers prosecco, rosé, and a white

Barrymore Wines

Drew Barrymore truly is a jack of all trades. The actress is in an abundance of markets, beauty, home, and television, just to name a few, but she is taking over wine with a pinot noir, rosé, and a pinot grigio.

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Kehlani: ‘Being A Mom Is The Sexiest Thing Ever’

Kehlani shared her Playboy cover this morning and it is nothing short of perfection! Never one to be put in a box, Kehlani is pushing boundaries and showing what gender fluidity can look like on the second-ever digital cover for the iconic magazine. 

Fans were first introduced to the Oakland native on American’s Got Talent a decade ago in 2011. It was Piers Morgan who told her she’d be better off going solo, and ten years later she’s gracing the cover of Playboy with not only one, but two photos of herself. The cover, shot by Brianna Alysse, features both a masculine and feminine version of the twenty-five-year-old singer, a major moment for the queer community and an even bigger one for queer moms. 

Kehlani gave birth to daughter Adeya Nomi in 2019, choosing to co-parent with guitarist Javie Young-White. Being open about her sexuality as well as her decision to co-parent is one of the main reasons fans love and always expect raw honesty from the talented songstress. As I write this, listening to SweetSexySavage, my favorite Kehlani album, I’m overwhelmed with emotions of pride and love, “in my feelings” one could say, as I think about how far the once-homeless powerhouse has come. 

It’s apparent to many that the Grammy-nominated mom isn’t slowing down any time soon and when you are truly grounded, anything is possible. In Playboy, the singer opens up about what’s next for her music, fluidity, and why being a mom made her feel sexy. 

On moms being sex symbols

I hope people know being a mom doesn’t make you less sexy. Being a mom is the sexiest thing ever. I think something happened to me when I became a mom; I just became sexier. I was this quirky little person before—not super in touch with myself, a super tomboy. Then I became a mom, and all of a sudden I got these mom hips. I got this mom sensuality and grown-woman attitude and in-touch-ness with my body that I never had before. You really fucking get to know your body when you birth. When you get pregnant, you become a fucking universe and a portal. So I think motherhood has made me this insane sex symbol even to myself.

On what femininity and masculinity mean to her

I’ve discovered that I’ve run from a lot of femininity. I was way more comfortable in a more masculine space. I feel more masculine when I am in my stillness and I’m grounded in a quiet, contemplative mode. I feel most feminine when I’m being the mother of my house. I also feel my femininity when I take time for self-care—when I take really beautiful baths where I throw some flowers in and I do a hair mask and take time oiling my body in the mirror and saying how beautiful I feel. My femininity makes me feel soft and gentle and tender and careful in a different way than my masculinity makes me feel. I’m trying not to let it fall into the gender norms of feminine and masculine, but for me it does a tiny bit. But I also am very fluid in both of those settings.

On managing the pressures to create music 

“If I’m not at the studio, I’m home, completely focused on my baby. Then she comes with me to the studio. I don’t feel outside pressure to create and release; I just love creating and releasing.” 

On what’s next for Kehlani

I’ve always got something up my sleeve. I have taken this opportunity during quarantine to go extremely inward, cracking down on my spiritual journey and spiritual self and enforcing boundaries I never had. I have a therapist, finally, who I absolutely love, and I have a routine of getting up and praying. I’m in this consistent, deep connection inwardly that I don’t feel like I’ve ever had. I thought I had it. When you’re a spiritual person and you finally find the real deep route to commit to, you always end up being like, “Oh, I really thought I was doing the work before.” Now that I’m really doing the work, I’m like, “Oh, man, I was just carrying a bunch of crystals in my pockets.” The new music I’ve been making is just a reflection of a healthy self, healthy love for the self, healthy love with spirit, healthy love—healthy everything around me. [The music] sounds really refreshing. It feels really refreshing. It feels grown.

On what true joy means

Joy feels like when you know there’s absolutely nothing you would change about a moment and there’s nothing you could change to make you any more joyous. Like, “Even the way the sun is coming through the window while I’m making breakfast, and the way my daughter is stomping around the kitchen cracking up, and this song that’s playing is perfect and she’s singing along, and my puppy is sunbathing and the plants in the kitchen just got watered so they’re flourishing.” Every single moment of the day is just perfect.

On her skills in the kitchen

Right now, I’ve been on such a soup kick. I’ve been trying to be on this no-waste kick. I feel like as passionate as I am about the world and people, it’s very hypocritical of me to be a wasteful person while caring this much. I live with a couple people, so we run through things pretty fast. But there always seems to be that time every two weeks when things are about to go bad and we have to cook them. My favorite thing to do is just throw everything—all the vegetables—in a pot with some fucking vegetable broth and whatever spices are calling out to me and make a yummy-ass vegetable soup. It’s the best way to eliminate having a big-ass throw-away vegetable pile at the end of the week.

On how her childhood impacts her as a mother

Having my child surrounded by me and her dad, but also so much love from other people, is super important, because I always had family around. My aunt raised me, but I also had my cousins and my other aunties and two dogs. They tried to make sure I got lots of social engagement from my family that made me feel full all the time. There was always music playing in the house. At night, when any of us couldn’t sleep, we would go take a drive around the lake in Oakland and go see the lights. Or simple things like waking up on Sunday morning and having cartoons and art projects. My aunt was really awesome and super, super, super fun. I’m carrying that into parenthood, knowing that kids don’t need perfect parents—they need happy parents. The things we carry with us as adults are memories of joy, so I consciously create joyful moments in the house for her to carry throughout her life.

On the struggles of feeling trapped in an abusive relationship. 

Personally, the most trapped I’ve ever felt was probably the cycle of abuse in [a past] relationship. Just feeling like, “I know better, so why can’t I do better?” It’s this weird, rabbit-hole cycle of, like, “Am I being stupid?” But also, “How do I change things? Can I even change it? Do I have the strength to change this? What do I do?” That’s psychologically the cycle of abuse. Once you’re out of it or when you’re looking from the outside, it seems like it’s so simple to get up and leave. But when you’re in it, it’s a whole other experience. 

On feeling sexy 

I feel the sexiest when I’m really bare—when I’m taking extra time to oil up after my bath and put essential oils into my shea butter. For me, sexy is very internal. It’s in the comfort and the feeling—not when do I look most sexy, but when do I feel scrumptious? When do I feel like, “Oh, somebody could just come lick me from my head to my toe right now. That’s how fucking good I smell, and that’s how moisturized I am.” That’s when I feel sexy.

Read more of Kehlani’s Playboy interview, written by Gerrick D. Kennedy, here.

Madison LeCroy Is Changing The Conversation Around Mommy Plastic Surgery

If you feel like you’ve been hearing the name Madison LeCroy a whole lot lately, you aren’t wrong. The Southern Charm star has been at the forefront of the Season 7 drama as her relationship with fellow Charmer Austen Kroll went from makeup to break up in front of millions of viewers. There were also those Jay Cutler rumors and then the A-Rod rumors, but it isn’t easy to make Madison sweat.

Since making her debut on the Bravo series in Season 2 as a guest, fans have gravitated towards Hudson’s mother for her no-nonsense attitude all while looking good from head to toe. We saw more of her in Season 6 as she became a friend of the cast via her relationship with Austen, but it wasn’t until Season 7 that we got to see Madison in all her glory.

If you’re a Bravo-lover like me you may have noticed that the single mom was getting sexier as Season 7 went on and showed up to the reunion looking like a SI cover model. Her body was so bangin’, even Andy Cohen had to bring up her sexiness, which is the first time Madison shared news of her “mommy makeover” on camera. The South Carolina-native opened up about her breast augmentation and belly button reconstruction and even shared she and fellow Southern Charm cast member Kathryn Dennis share the same plastic surgeon, Dr. Patrick O’Neill. LeCroy has never been shy about her love of a sexy pic or how important looking good is to her.

Flash forward to a few weeks after the reunion aired and the mother-of-one opened up on Instagram about why she chose plastic surgery. “Plastic surgery. Two words I hadn’t given much thought to. I never thought I would need, much less want, plastic surgery. However, after giving birth to an 10lb baby eight years ago, I no longer felt confident in my own skin,” shared the Bravo star.

“I’ve always been fitness obsessed and aware of what I was eating but sometimes, no matter how much you diet and exercise, there are areas that don’t quite bounce back to where they were originally. Recently I was introduced to Dr. Patrick O’Neill and he gave me my confidence back and transformed the parts of my body that I was most self-conscious about. Women should never be shamed for doing anything that makes themselves more confident or love themselves more. If it makes you feel better about yourself, do it! If your sister, mother, daughter or friend is considering doing something to boost their confidence and self-worth, then support them! Just like Dolly Parton said, ‘If I see something saggin’ , baggin’ or dragin’ , I’m gonna have it nipped, tucked or sucked.’?

Photo by Jesse Volk

I mean, a moment of appreciation for this insanely hot photo. But on a more serious note, it was beautiful to see such a candid self-love journey and moment on my feed. The sincere and frank account has inspired many other women to share their own journey with their bodies. In a world where mommy shaming is very much real (it’s only gotten worse since the start of the pandemic) and mothers are constantly comparing themselves to what they see on the gram, this is incredibly refreshing from the single mother who just opened a salon, Maven, with longtime work partner Meg Workman.

In the words of Miss LeCroy, “If it makes you feel better about yourself, do it!” After bringing life into this world, you deserve whatever it is you need to feel as amazing as you are. Whatever that may be for you is your business and yours alone. Cheers to vulnerability and to changing the conversation on post-mommy bodies!

Who Run The World? J.Lo.

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“Since I was little, I was an overachiever.” Is that at all surprising coming from powerhouse Jennifer Lopez? The singer/dancer/actress is celebrating 30 years of Allure as the face of their March 2021 cover. It’s absolutely fitting since both brands have been around since the early 1990s.

Writer Danielle Pergament did a phenomenal job showing the impact Lopez has had on society over the past three decades. By the sheer power of being J.Lo, she has changed our beauty standards, helped change the conversation around Latinos in America, and shows single moms can do it all- she has fashion, beauty, and all entertainment covered.

In her cover story, the Bronx boricua gets candid about how her son Max pushed her to be more socially conscious and use her voice during the Black Lives Matter movement, the way in which she comforts daughter Emme (and herself) during scary COVID moments, and how the quarantine changed her relationship with former NY Yankee ARod.

On her iconic year
“I started training for Hustlers in January 2019. I went from training for Hustlers to doing Hustlers to going on a tour to doing awards season while filming Marry Me. I remember filming all day and working on the music in my trailer and then doing interviews, and then being on the phone with my kids because they had just entered middle school. I remember being on the phone with Emme, telling her to do two hours of homework, and then getting on with Max and putting him to sleep and then learning my lines for the next day. Then training for Super Bowl rehearsals. And then it was the Super Bowl. It was nonstop for a year. So, after that, I was like, ‘I’m going to rest. For a month.’” (Watch J.Lo’s iconic Super Bowl performance here.)

On why she always goes so hard
“If you work hard, you can accomplish something. You can win the medal.”

On how quarantine changed her life
“I mean, the first part was like, ‘Wow, this is different,’ I think we all were filled with anxiety. We were in the Twilight Zone, like everybody else. I started trying to do things together. We would play baseball outside or paint together. We never get to do stuff like that. I was trying to take advantage of the time.”

Her advice for daughter Emme on dealing with the Covid_19 pandemic
“We can’t just keep living our lives and thinking everything’s going to work itself out. No, it’s not going to work out. We have to get involved. We have to make changes. That was why 2020, as difficult and scary as it was, was so necessary. What we realized is that we’re all in this together. This is about our kids growing up in a world where they feel comfortable, where things are equal, and there’s more kindness and love than hate and division. In the middle of the pandemic, [my daughter] Emme came to me crying. She was like, ‘Why is all this happening?’ It was such an emotional thing because I was trying to comfort her and myself in the same moment. I said, ‘There’s something happening that we’re in the middle of, and you have to trust that on the other side, it’s going to be so much better. We just have to hang on.’”

On her potato chip eating habits
“I do! I do sit on the couch and eat potato chips! The thing is not to get too used to it, because it’s so easy and so fun.”

On how son Max changed her outlook on social matters
“The whole thing that was happening with police brutality, the Black Lives Matter movement, Latinos at the border — you feel like you had to contribute. I remember my son coming to me and saying, ‘You know, Mom, some of my YouTubers tell us what we should do, and I listen to them. You have a lot of people that feel that way about you.’ It was his way of saying that I should do something. He probably heard me complaining about what was happening in the world. I said, ‘I want you guys to make me the signs because Mommy wants to get out there too.’ I’m not used to being in big crowds like that — I’m always on the stage. [My life is] car to back door to security to this to that. It was scary. I got a little anxiety, like, ‘How do you get out of the crowd?’ Once I got [into it], to be in the masses like that, I loved it. Like, ‘Wow, there’s a movement happening.’ So many people, different ages, races — it was a beautiful thing.”

On where she feels most comfortable
“Stages are where I feel the most comfortable. I don’t like talking or doing speeches, but to sing and dance or to act? Come here, baby. That’s what I do.”

On that whole Hustlers snub
“I was talking about this the other day. [My production partner] Elaine [Goldsmith-Thomas] made a post where she listed all the things I had been nominated for and won that season. And when it came to the Oscars, it was so obviously absent. It was a sting. I was like, ‘Okay, when you’re supposedly in everybody else’s mind supposed to be nominated and you’re not, what does that mean? Is it really real? Are the other ones real and this one isn’t?’ It came to a point where I was like, ‘This is not why I do this. I don’t do this to have 10 Oscars sitting on my mantel or 20 Grammys.’”

On the point of it all

“The point is creating and the joy that I get from the things I get to put out in the world that entertain and inspire and empower people. I think my life is about more than awards.”

On her relationship with ARod
“I miss being creative and running on 150, but Alex, of all people, was like, ‘I love it. I love being at home. I love doing my Zooms. I love knowing the kids are there, and you’re there all the time.’ It has been actually really good. We got to work on ourselves. We did therapy. I think it was really helpful for us in our relationship.”

On canceling her wedding
“It was a big deal. We had been planning for months and months and months, and it was overseas. Maybe that wasn’t the right time. You start thinking of all of these things — how everything has its kind of perfect, divine moment.”

Photos: Daniella Midenge, Fashion: Nicola Formichetti, Hair: Chris Appleton, Makeup: Mary Phillips, Set: Evan Jourden, Nails: Tom Bachik, Production: Viewfinders

15 Times Single Moms Rocked The Super Bowl

Halftime shows have been wowing us since 1967. Though at first, they consisted mostly of school marching bands, they were entertaining nonetheless and tradition performers try and include in their performances. Think of the badass band show you saw when Beyoncé performed in 2016 alongside Coldplay and Bruno Mars. 

Since then, they’ve evolved significantly with the help of Pepsi and the sponsored Pepsi Halftime Show and now millions of people tune in to watch. In 2020, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira brought in over 102 million viewers in a performance few are soon to forget. Below, we’ve rounded up the fifteen times single moms took to the stage during the Super Bowl Halftime shows.

1970: Carol Channing 

1972: Ella Fitzgerald and Carol Channing 

1981: Helen O’Connell 

1990: Irma Thomas 

1992: Dorothy Hamill

Figure skater Dorothy Hamill was married at the time and divorced her husband in 1995. Hamill performed a gold medal-winning performance at the 1992 Olympics gaining her notoriety in the early 1990s.

1993: Tanya Tucker and Winnona Judd of The Judds

1996: Diana Ross 

1998: Martha Reeves 

2000: Christina Aguilera and Toni Braxton

This performance at the beginning of a new century was epic. Both women did not become single moms until years later.

2001: Britney Spears 

Ah what a simple time. Back when Justin and Britney were still an item and jean head-to-toe looks were chic.

2003: No Doubt with Gwen Stefani and Shania Twain

Gwen Stefani now can be seen on screen full time on The Voice, but back in 2003 she was still just a girl from Anaheim.

2004: Janet Jackson 

This may be the most scandalous Halftime performance in history. And the only one with a boob shot, too.

2011: The Black Eyed Peas with Fergie 

2012: Madonna 

2020: Jennifer Lopez 

JLo gave a special shout out to Puerto Rico and brought out her daughter Emme for a super special mother-daughter moment on the halftime stage.

Spoil Yourself With These 14 Luxe Valentine’s Day Gifts

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We’ve lived through a lot of firsts this year, but a quarantine on Valentine’s Day is unprecedented. Never before have we had to experience the Day of Love under such strict rules, but to that I say embrace the changes for a bit. When life gives you lemons, get to making some lemonade, and seeing as how V-Day is on a Sunday this year, I plan to enjoy the day as much as I can indoors.

To me, that means the three S’s, which includes lots of self-care, streaming, and snacks. You can finally stream that show you’ve meant to watch and indulge in all your favorite snacks. And the cherry on top of your VD sundae is to perform all kinds of self-care like a beauty routine, reading a book, cooking your favorite meal, or shopping

One-Woman Village Three S’s

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to go big or go home for yourself! I obviously will still buy gifts for loved ones (my mom is definitely getting The Love Fern), but this V-Day, I think it’s okay to be a little bit selfish. That same love you’ve been giving everyone else throughout this entire pandemic, send a little bit of it your own way. I promise you won’t regret it, and the “shoppers high” you get due to the dopamine release when making your much-deserved purchase is well worth it.

Below, we’ve put together fourteen items created or designed by single moms for you to peruse on your shopping journey. If you want to spoil yourself, but not too much, check out our other gift guide with all items $20 and under.

Swim suit, $31

Former LA Basketball Wife Draya Howard is the brains behind Mint Swim‘s gorgeous swimsuits. The mommy-of-one currently has a collab with Pacsun that you definitely want to get for your next pool or beach day. The Serena High Waisted Bikini is understatedly sexy. You can also currently use code XOXO for 20% off your Mint Swim x Pacsun order.

The Love Fern, $55

If you’re a How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days fan, you will love this King St. Vodka and Urbanstems collaboration. Kate Hudson is the genius behind King St. Vodka, a gluten-free vodka made with alkaline water. Available for delivery starting February 1, you can get a potted Blue Bell fern along with a mister.  

Mask Hoodie, $65 

If you’re looking for a splurge that will also be incredibly useful during the Covid-19 pandemic, look no further. Especially now that Dr. Fauci has recommended wearing double masks, this will be your new go-to. The sweatshirt company is founded by Real Housewives of New York single mom Jill Zarin and her daughter Ally.

Queen Massager, $79

Whether you’re a single rider or not, you’ll want to have one of these. RHOA veteran Kandi Burruss has never been shy about encouraging others to stay healthy in the bedroom. If you aren’t in need of a toy currently, the Grammy winner dabbles in a bit of everything, including beauty, food, clothing for adults and children, and her intimate line, Bedroom Kandi.

Hexagon Large Bookshelf, $250

Drew Barrymore is literally doing it all. Her show, The Drew Barrymore Show, is crushing it, and she offers a full beauty line, eyewear, hair tools, and home decor. If you’ve been looking to upgrade your home space, look no further.

Rose Quartz Heart Facial Gua Sha, $58

Looking to up your beauty game? Then you need KORA Organics gua sha, which helps de-puff and increase circulation. The Miranda Kerr staple is an instant de-stressor and helps with fine lines and wrinkles long term.

Faux Fur Robe, $59.95

Southern Charm matriarch Patricia Altshul launched an exclusive line with HSN, and these robes are the star. Lined with faux fur, you can lounge in luxurious style all over your house.

That JLo Glow 4-Piece Set, $64

Jennifer Lopez finally answered fans’ prayers and gave us the secret to her glow with JLo Beauty. Though olive oil is her favorite natural product, these products are a bit like getting a look inside Lopez’s beauty cabinet.

‘Ole Orleans Wine
, $21.99

If you haven’t heard of this New Orleans-based company, you’re missing out. Founded by single mom Kim Lewis in 2018, her wines pay homage to NOLA. Before opening her micro-winery, Lewis was a schoolteacher.

The Pink Magnolia Style Kit, $135

Lounge like a Southern Belle and channel your inner Reese Witherspoon in this adorable sweatsuit. The Natalie sweatshirt is the perfect complement to the matching shorts. The Magnolia is the Draper James signature flower and stands for strength, beauty, and femininity.

The Encyclopedia of Spices & Herbs, $42

Geek out in your kitchen with a little help from Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi. I’m a big believer in educating yourself to become a master, and what better way to master the kitchen than understanding what flavors your tastebuds love. And which ones you can get your kids to eat!

Mommy & Mini Bar Bundle, $75

The only thing better than one necklace is two. Uncommon James founder Kristin Cavallari designed these with her BFF in mind. If you have a mini in your life, treat both of you.

Well Behaved Bitches Tee, $29.95

RHONY mommy Leah McSweeney has been the badass breath of fresh air the New York franchise needed ever since joining the Upper East Side crew! Married To The Mob, her clothing line is the breath of fresh air your closet has been waiting for. Get one of her shirts or sweatshirts ASAP.

Whipped Argan Pro-Retinol Body Butter, $46 

Beat the winter blues with this luscious body butter with the Josie Maran body butter family’s newest member. Instantly feel your skin firmer and hydrated.

Angelina Jolie Shares Advice On Getting Children to Be Socially and Environmentally Conscious

Discloser: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at NO cost to you. Please read disclaimer for more.

British Vogue just dropped their March cover, and Angelina Jolie is giving us old Hollywood demure as she invites readers into her home. Seeing as how we’re on month eleven of the pandemic, it’s no surprise that we are getting a more intimate look at the actress and humanitarian’s home life.

That home life includes Jolie’s six children; Maddox, 19; Pax, 17; Zahara, 16; Shiloh, 14; Knox, 12; and Vivienne, 12. Each child is in completely different phases during this difficult time, as Jolie shares, “Pax going into his senior year, but not being able to enjoy all that it is to be a senior; Zahara finally getting her driving license, but she’s taking the test with the driver wrapped in the full outfit with the masks. It’s not how you imagine these moments. But birthdays go on, and I think that for many people, it’s made us all feel very human together. There’s something beautiful about that.”

The devoted mother has been clear about her children being the priority in her life. Photographed for British Vogue by Craig McDean, the children made their way into her cover shoot, but that is not surprising as they look out for their mother constantly. The actress opens up to Edward Enninful about a recent moment, “We were on the trampoline the other day, and the children said, “No, Mom, don’t do that. You’ll hurt yourself.” And I thought, “God, isn’t that funny?” There was a day I was an action star, and now the kids are telling me to get off the trampoline because I’ll hurt myself.”

The mother-of-six is candid about how she makes it all work. “Even though I wanted to have many children and be a mom, I always imagined it kind of like Jane Goodall, traveling in the middle of the jungle somewhere. I didn’t imagine it in that true, traditional sense. I feel like I’m lacking in all the skills to be a traditional stay-at-home mom. I’m managing through it because the children are quite resilient, and they’re helping me, but I’m not good at it at all.” Jolie continues, “Well, I love them. I feel like we’re such a team. It may sound clichéd, but you love and you try, and even if you burn the eggs, that doesn’t matter in the end. But also, you’ve met our kids. They’re pretty capable.”

And Jolie is ever-present with the various needs of all her children. When it comes to her adopted children, the actress values acceptance above all. “Aw, well I feel like it’s a big deal if they accept me, you know? I mean, that’s the thing for a lot of mothers, and for a lot of parents regardless. But I think even more so if you have adopted children. They have to choose you, too. It’s not the parents’ family and they’re in it. It’s our family.”

When asked about her own happiness, Jolie has a response many single moms could empathize with, “I don’t know. The past few years have been pretty hard. I’ve been focusing on healing our family. It’s slowly coming back, like the ice melting and the blood returning to my body.” However, the lessons her children have taught her will stay forever, “even at their young age they know that what matters is to feel safe and loved and stable. To not see those you love harmed. To know your own mind and truth and not to live a lie.”

If you’re looking for any tips on how to get your children to be more environmentally and socially conscious, look no further. “Well, I know this may sound strange, but don’t make it a duty for them to do good or have to give back. If we can help children feel that it’s not about duty or service or charity, but the joy of an interconnected life with people you respect, then it feels very different.” Straight from the humanitarian herself.

And if you’ve ever felt bad about carrying everything from your home in your purse, you aren’t alone. Apparently, Angelina is guilty of the ‘mom bag‘ too. Her essentials include her favorite Guerlain face oil and of course, chocolate.

Angelina Jolie shares what she carries in her bag.

The March issue of British Vogue is on newsstands February 5, 2021.

14 Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $20 That Will Make You Swoon

Discloser: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at NO cost to you. Please read my disclaimer for more.

It’s hard to believe the first holiday of 2021 is upon us. Between the launch of JLo Beauty, political protests, a historic Inauguration, and a heartbreaking anniversary, time in January completely flew by. This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, meaning you can celebrate all weekend long. 

When I was growing up, my single mom made it a tradition to always spend Valentine’s Day with her three children. As my siblings and I got older, I looked forward to our dinner as a foursome with heart-shaped See’s Candies for dessert. Even as my sister and I began dating, boyfriends knew V-Day would be spent sitting at a dinner table with my mom and siblings. My mom always wanted to show us how much love she had for us. Now, she’s remarried, and I spent most of my Valentine’s Days in Manhattan, but I always get my heart chocolates.  

On average, Finder reports that women spend an average of $39 on other family members for the holiday. And while I’m a big believer in spreading the love, I also think it’s vital to shower yourself with love. Nowhere on Finder’s report did they account for a gift bought for oneself. Now, love doesn’t necessarily mean spending money, but in this case, buying yourself a little something is a great form of self-care that can help boost happiness and, after surviving yet another pandemic month, you deserve it!

If you’re looking to spoil yourself, but go easy on your wallet, look no further. We’ve rounded up fourteen items at $20 or under, all designed or from a company owned by a single mom. If you feel like shopping a little more shop our luxe Valentine’s gift guide here.

Inside Out by Demi Moore, $17

The actress opens up about her fascinating life in Hollywood and her battle with addiction. Read about how the single mom navigated her journey in this powerful memoir. See more single mom memoirs here.

Eye Cream, $20

Keep your eyes looking youthful with Kylie Jenner’s fragrance-free and vegan eye cream. The Kylie Skin staple features a blend of Vitamin C, pomegranate, caffeine, green tea, and Vitamin E.

Spoon Rest, $12

Avoid those messy food stains while cooking with this simple addition to your kitchen. Drew Barrymore’s FLOWER collection is no longer just beauty; she’s taking over home for adults, kids, and pets.

Thong, $19

Khloé Kardashian’s Good American empire started with jeans and quickly expanded into a full lifestyle brand. Upgrade your underwear drawer with a sexy new thong.

100% Pure Argan Oil, $18

The Josie Maran classic will change your skin. Grown in Morocco, the healing, anti-aging properties of the Vitamin E-rich oil help give skin a ‘youthful-looking complexion.’

Magnolia Compact Mirror, $15

A mirror is always nice to have around, whether you’re Princess Diana hiding from paparazzi or simply checking to make sure you have no food in your teeth, they come in very handy. Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James has all of your essentials with a Southern floral touch.

Mon Chéri Matte Lip Whip, $20 

Nothing completes a Valentine’s Day look quite like a red lip. Beauty Bakerie’s lip whip is sure to stay on all night, no matter what you get into.

Goopgenes Marine Collagen Superpowder, $20

Keep your skin looking hydrated from the inside out with Goop’s collagen shots. This is the supposed secret behind Gwyneth Paltrow’s minimal wrinkles and a trend you may want to start taking part in.

Bio Pure Sustainable BeautyBlender, $20

Your favorite beauty sponge just got a green makeover. Available at Sephora starting February 1, The Bio-Pure is made with 60% plant-based items.

That Limitless Glow Mask, $18

Want to get that JLo glow? Then a mask is a must. This mask features JLo Beauty ‘That JLo Glow’ serum and comprises two separate pieces for maximum coverage.

Undereye Concealer, $10.50

We already know Drew Barrymore can take care of all your beauty and home needs, but for now, we’ll stick with the basics. Keep those under-eye bags at bay with this powerful concealer.

Huggie Hoops, $20

Kendra Scott is the Queen of customizable jewelry, and these earrings are the base for her adorable charm hoop earrings. Wear alone or add a charm to hoops in four different metal options.

Tumeric BHA Brightening Mask, $16

Miranda Kerr is the genius behind this clean beauty brand KORA Organics. This mask uses aspen bark and papaya to exfoliate the skin, plus quartz and rosehip seeds for a nice polish. The Tumeric comes in to even out skin tone and helps with redness, a #SelfCareSaturday must.

Uncommon James candle, $10 

Kristin Cavallari’s jewelry line quickly expanded to home and children’s clothing. If you’re more in the mood to get out of the house, shop her DIFF x Kristin Cavallari eyewear here.  

Vanessa Bryant Remembers Kobe and Gigi In Heartfelt Post

There are some moments in life you remember forever. Moments that change your outlook, or connect you forever, or ones that shake you to your core and leave you wondering when you’ll get back to some sense of normalcy. January 26, 2020, had one of those moments. On that tragic morning, Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crashed, ultimately leading to the devastating death of the Lakers’ star and his thirteen-year-old daughter Gianna. The crash also took the lives of Payton Chester, 13; Sarah Chester, 45; Alyssa Altobelli, 14; Keri Altobelli, 46; John Altobelli, 56; Christina Mauser, 38; and the helicopter’s pilot, Ara Zobayan, 50. 

Having grown up in Los Angeles and been a Lakers fan my entire life, this was a celebrity passing I had trouble wrapping my head around. My dad was visiting me in New York and we had just sat down for brunch at Bubby’s in Tribeca when I received a text with the news. By the time I said the words to him, both our eyes immediately filled with tears. I had to cover the Grammys for work that night and as the red carpet started I remembered thinking ‘this is so wrong and does not make any sense.’ The world grieved the loss of the nine souls lost that day for weeks and once the headlines subsided I found myself, like many, thinking about Vanessa Bryant. 

Vanessa Bryant IG Stories

Vanessa Bryant recently opened up about her grief on Instagram, sharing a lengthy message via her Instagram stories. She inspired others struggling with grief to “find your reason” to keep going, attributing her daughters Natalia, Bianka, and Capri for keeping her going. Mama Mamba has also been open about how thankful she is for her friends and family during this difficult time.

On the eve of the first anniversary, Vanessa shared a letter on Instagram from Gianna’s best friend Aubrey with a heartfelt note for her loved ones. “I miss my baby girl and Kob-Kob so much, too, ♥️” wrote Bryant, “I will never understand why/how this tragedy could’ve happened to such beautiful, kind and amazing human beings. It still doesn’t seem real. Kob, we did it right. Gigi, you still make mommy proud. I love you!”  

As the year anniversary of the accident came up, following months of a pandemic in which we’ve lost more than 418,000 lives to COVID-19 in the United States alone, it seemed like a time to think about grief and how people process that grief. Grief can be broken down into two types, acute and persistent. Acute lasts about a year and improves gradually, while in persistent grief, the symptoms and feelings last much longer. While navigating your grief, you may experience the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and ultimately acceptance. Though these emotions are intense, grief can also manifest physically (fatigue, insomnia, weight gain/loss, etc.), which is why it’s important to take care of your mental and physical health, however tedious and non-essential it may seem at the time. 

To help combat some of these feelings, science has come up with a few suggestions over the years. At first, these may seem impossible, so consider asking a close friend or family member to help keep you accountable or join a group or class. 

  1. Maintain a healthy diet
  2. Sleep 
  3. Exercise 
  4. Recognize the differences between grief and depression (normal grief should not call for antidepressants) 
  5. Plan for grief triggers such as anniversaries, birthdays, or holidays 
  6. Face your feelings  
  7. Try to stay present 

There is no timeline for grieving, and each case varies. In my experience, grief is something we feel in waves, some are smaller, and some completely wipe you out. It isn’t a one-stop-shop for everyone, but hopefully, these tips help make the day to day a bit easier as you heal and remind you that you’re never alone.  

Why The 2021 Inauguration Was Extra Special For Single Moms Everywhere

This morning, history was made. Kamala Harris was sworn in as Vice President of the United States by the first-ever Latina Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor. Raised by a single mother, Kamala made history at the swearing-in ceremony for 46th President Joe Biden, Jr, being the first woman ever and the first Black woman and first woman of South Asian descent to hold the position of Vice President.

Kamala Harris sworn in as Vice President

It is a moment that America and the World will soon not forget. Madame Vice President started the day by sharing a special video on Instagram of her Vice Presidential election acceptance speech in which she thanked her mother, Shyamala Gopalan Harris. Kamala has been very vocal about the constant presence of her mother in her life, even sharing her words of wisdom, words Harris lives by, in the week leading up to the Inauguration.

“Don’t sit around and complain about things, do something.”

Shyamala Gopalan Harris

And just when you thought this iconic moment couldn’t get any better, we had an appearance from Jennifer Lopez! She performed ‘This Land Is Your Land’ and ‘America the Beautiful’ right after Kamala Harris was officially sworn in as our 46th Vice President. The single mother of two was dressed in head-to-toe white and Chanel jewelry for the historic moment.

Her performance of ‘America the Beautiful’ was a remix to the American classic, featuring a line from JLo hit ‘Let’s Get Loud’ and a special shout-out to Spanish-speaking Latinxs tuning in. “Una nación bajo Dios, indivisible, con libertad y justicia para todos,” Lopez said proudly, switching up the typical “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” It was a powerful moment for all Spanish-speakers watching and a moment of unity in a country that has been fiercely divided leading up to the Inauguration ceremony.

Jennifer Lopez performs at the 2021 Inauguration

The inaugural festivities also featured a poem by 22-year-old Amanda Gorman, the youngest poet to ever perform at an Inauguration ceremony. While performing the poem ‘The Hill We Climb’ Gorman gave her single mother a moment of acknowledgment, saying, “We the successors of a country and a time where a skinny Black girl descended from slaves and raised by a single mother can dream of becoming President, only to find herself reciting for one.”

Amanda Gorman reads ‘The Hill We Climb’

It was a beautiful moment for single mothers everywhere to watch these incredible single mother-raised women on the stage. As a child raised by a single mother myself, I will say it was an honor to watch Vice President Harris and Amanda on that stage together. Representation matters, and when you see people on large platforms that you can see yourself in, it’s empowering. Today, little girls of color everywhere, especially those raised by single mothers, felt seen, and it was beautiful.

The Motherly Advice Vice President Kamala Harris Lives By

Image Credit: Kamala Harris Instagram

Vice President-Elect, Kamala Harris, is a week shy of making history as the first female to hold office in the White House. The swearing-in ceremony will also be historic as Kamala is of African-American and South-Asian descent, a moment young females of color will surely never forget. As we lead up to this historic Inauguration, Harris will “be sharing the people, places, and moments that have had an influence on my life.” 

In a post shared on Instagram today, the Oakland native opened up about the advice her mother, Shyamala Gopalan Harris, gave her, “don’t sit around and complain about things, do something.” The soon-to-be-VP says she has “tried to follow that advice every day and live by the example she set.” Her mothers words would impact the choices the future Vice President made forever. 

“Don’t sit around and complain about things, do something.”

Shyamala Gopalan Harris

It is not surprising that Kamala chose to share her single mother as the kick off to her week of sharing up to the Inauguration. The California Senator has been vocal about the important role her mother had in her life, even mentioning her on the night the 2020 election results were announced. 

Kamala isn’t the first elected official in the White House to be raised by a single mother, Stanley Ann Dunham raised 44th President of the United States Barrack Obama. On multiple occasions throughout his presidency he mentioned his single mother and how special it was that he was raised by her. 

Kamala has been very clear just how influential her Indian mother was in her upbringing. When accepting her nomination for Vice President at the Democratic National Convention she held nothing back. “(My mother) came here from India at age 19 to pursue her dream of curing cancer,” shared Harris, “At the University of California, Berkeley, she met my father, Donald Harris, who had come from Jamaica to study economics. They fell in love in that most American way, while marching for justice in the civil rights movement of the 1960s. In the streets of Oakland and Berkley, I got a stroller’s-eye view of people getting into what the great John Lewis called ‘good trouble.'”

“When I was 5, my parents split and my mother raised us mostly on her own. Like so many mothers, she worked around the clock to make it work, packing lunches before we woke up and paying bills after we went to bed, helping us with homework at the kitchen table and shuttling us to church for choir practice. She made it look easy, though it never was.” It was a special shoutout not only to single mothers everywhere, but to children raised by single mothers as well. 

We can’t wait to see what the Vice President-Elect shares next and we look forward to the historic moment on January 20, 2021.

The Single Mom Posse of Potomac

Before the launch of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City blessed us during the 2020 pandemic season, there hadn’t been a new franchise since Potomac and Dallas both premiered in 2016. Over the past five seasons, The Real Housewives of Potomac cast has served up plenty of drama, weddings, babies, and even multiple court cases. At the end of an explosive Season Five, things culminated with a proposal for Robyn Dixon

RHOP is for sure one of the rawest Housewives franchises and you can always count on the women to come from the heart and take no bullshit. The Fifth Season of the show gave more insight into the lives of the single mom Housewives on the show, Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon. Gizelle navigates the delicate dance of dating her ex-husband and father of her children, Jamal Bryant, while her daughters struggle to accept their new family dynamic. Robyn and her ex, Juan Dixon, house hunt while Robyn works on releasing some of the resentment she has from parenting solo while Juan was an NBA player.

The Housewives have left an undeniable mark on pop culture and it’s inspiring to see single mom stories be apart of that conversation. Below, we’ve rounded up all the single moms to ever grace the Potomac universe.

Gizelle Bryant

Gizelle and her ex-husband, Pastor Jamal Bryant, married in 2002 before divorcing in 2009. Together they co-parent daughter Grace and twin daughters Angel and Adore. They currently are dating long distance.

Robyn Dixon

Robyn and Juan Dixon‘s relationship has evolved and gone through multiple phases while on RHOP, but they always prioritized their children. The pair married in 2005 and had two sons, Corey and Carter, before divorcing in 2012. After years of being divorced but continuing to live together, the pair got engaged in 2019. 

Katie Rost

Katie Rost was an OG housewife on the show in Season 1 before returning as a friend in Seasons 4 and 5. She was married to James Orsini from 2011 to 2016, and the pair separated during her third pregnancy. Together they have three children, James, Renee, and Kathryn. 

Want more Real Housewives? Learn about single moms from Beverly Hills and New York City.

7 Apps To Help Your Single Mom Life

When we think of apps, short for applications, we usually think of the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, but it was actually IBM that created the first smartphone that included an app in 1994. Twenty-six years later, it’s almost as if our phones are run by apps, social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram being number one, followed by web browsers and utility apps

It’s impossible to ignore how much time we as a society are spending on our mobile phones today compared to even a decade ago. In 2019, time spent on mobile devices surpassed how much time the average US adult spends watching television daily, with apps accounting for 80% of that phone usage. 

But in a world of infinite apps, how do you even begin to choose? Not to worry. We rounded up the applications that are actually going to impact your busy life for the better. If you are looking for organization, fellow single mom friends, or a better understanding of your child, these apps let you have it all in the palm of your hand. 


Peanut is the app you will have from conception to raising your child into adulthood. You can start tracking your fertility before you even get pregnant, track the baby’s progress, and then share your motherhood journey. The app also allows you to join groups or add specific tags to your profile in order to help you connect with other mothers. 

Mamma Miya: A Mom Planner 

If you can’t afford a personal assistant but desperately need some help, Mamma Miya has got you covered. It keeps together your schedule, to-do lists, and also can connect with other moms using the app so you can sync your regularly scheduled playdates or practices. The app also has a cool feature where you can break down activities by hat whether it be your mom hat, sister hat, friend hat, work hat, etc. to help you manage all the different aspects of your life. 


This app was developed by a single mother to help other single mothers. Single mom Zoe Desmond found herself incredibly lonely in the first year after giving birth to her daughter and was inspired to create an app to connect mothers. They currently have rolled out in the UK and Ireland, but you can sign up to be notified when the app comes to your area.

Have you ever wanted to vent about a play date location or share endless photos of your child? Then is going to be your new favorite app. Designed to help connect moms with children of the same age, the app also helps you find activities near you and offers advice from professionals. It’s a great way to connect if you’ve moved to a new neighborhood or are looking for local deals in your community. 

Sanity & Self: Stress Relief 

Most of the other apps on this list are there to help you manage your mom duties, but this app is here just for you. Meant to help you manage stress, there are mediations, experts, and articles to help you understand your stress triggers and find solutions. The app also includes a journal section so that you can check in with yourself. It’s incredibly important to focus on your self-care and prioritize yourself every once in a while so that you can have the energy and mental capacity to also give 100 percent as a mother.  

CodeCheck: Food & Cosmetics

Who has time to read labels? Not a busy mom like yourself, so CodeCheck is a game-changer. Simply scan the barcode on products and you will get a rating on the product along with a list of ingredients that are safe or not for your children and yourself. It’s an excellent companion when shopping, especially if you have children with allergies or health restrictions, and also gives you the nutritional value of food products. 


Do you ever have days where you have zero energy? What about absolutely no more mental capacity? It happens to all. of. us. Every month your body has a different cycle, but how do you know where exactly you are? Biorhythm helps you understand what is going on internally all by entering your birth date. Your personal biorhythm will show where your physical, mental, emotional, and intellectual energy levels are daily. Using this information can you help plan for things like potty training or days to take it easy physically. You’ll soon notice you are getting the most out of your and your children’s days based on where their natural biorhythm is.

The Only Holiday Playlist You Need

There’s no denying that single moms are bosses everywhere they go. Whether we’re talking about the world of beauty or politics, these moms are making some serious noise, but when it comes to the Holiday Season, there is only one Queen. Mariah Carey.

Since releasing the holiday hit ‘All I Want For Christmas’ in 1994, Carey’s popularity during the last quarter of the year is unmatched. Roc and Roe’s mom not only belts out the iconic tune, but she also co-wrote and co-produced the hit alongside Walter Afanasieff for her first holiday album ‘Merry Christmas.’ Twenty-six years later the song still tops the Billboard charts every Holiday Season and averages about a million streams per day on Spotify.

As a result of Mariah’s killer Christmas success, singers every year try their hand at recreating the magic, and gold Carey struck decades ago. This year alone, Gwen Stefani teamed up with Hallmark for her ‘Here This Christmas’ single, which is the theme song to their ‘Countdown to Christmas’ special, and Jennifer Lopez partnered with Stevie Mackey on her first-ever holiday song for an updated version of ‘It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.’ And Mariah still isn’t done, she teamed up with fellow single mom Jennifer Hudson and Ariana Grande for her 2020 hit ‘Oh Santa’ which was featured on her ‘Mariah’s Magical Christmas Special’ on AppleTV. When it comes to the Queen and Christmas, the limit simply does not exist.

Below, we’ve rounded up fourteen of the best holiday songs sung by single moms and included a bonus of ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ because respect must be paid. Enjoy and happy holidays!

One-Woman Village Holiday Playlist

14 Single Moms with the Secret to Good Skin

Discloser: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at NO cost to you. Please read my disclaimer for more.

The time has finally come! After almost twenty years of coveting JLo’s iconic glow, you yourself can “get an ageless glow that has no limits.” The first time I was graced with Jennifer Lopez’s presence was at an upfront for a TV network and let me just say, this woman has a phenomenally bright aura! It was as if a ball of light surrounded her and when I got a little closer I was able to see her gorgeous glowy and dewy skin. As a result, when I heard about her beauty line I was not at all surprised. A passion project for the mom-of-two, Lopez is excited to share her “products that deliver the best results.” The exclusive product launch for JLo Beauty is happening on December 8 for those who wish to sign up, with full access to the line happening January 1, 2021.

Jennifer Lopez may be the latest single mom to join the beauty game, but she is far from the first. Not only are these moms inspiring beauty looks daily, but they are also making some serious noise in the beauty space. Kylie Cosmetics alone has brought in $52 billion in earnings in 2020, and both Anastasia Beverly Hills and Beautyblender are featured on Sephora’s Bestseller’s Makeup List. Below, we’ve rounded up fourteen beauty brands created by single mothers. Whether you’re in the mood to update your brow game, lip looks, or mask for days–these moms have got you covered.

10 Podcasts By Single Mom Celebrities You Need To Listen To

Discloser: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at NO cost to you. Please read my disclaimer for more.


One of the reasons I created OWV is to connect women and hear about various single mother experiences. Nothing makes me happier than listening to an embarrassing story, laughing at a bad date, or crying alongside someone as they share their most profound, scariest memories. I love all of the happy and fantastic stories, too, obviously, which is why podcasts appeal to so many people with varying interests, and listenership continues to rise daily. According to Edison Research, mothers like podcasts because it gives them the ability to multitask. All you have to do is pop in some headphones, pick your favorite podcast, and get down to the dishes and laundry and the million other things on your to-do list you’re going to absolutely crush. Below, I’ve rounded up ten podcasts hosted or co-hosted by celebrity single mothers. Whether you need a laugh, cry, inspiration, or a bit of a mind fantasy, these women provide it all.  

Anna Faris is Unqualified 

Anna Faris brings her hilarious self to listeners every Monday in an attempt to feed her “curiosity and desire to connect.” Each week, Faris invites fellow celebrities to discuss their love lives and offers relationship advice to a listener. Anna is mother to son Jack, whom she co-parents with Chris Pratt. Unqualified is also the name of Anna’s memoir

Office Ladies 

Former The Office receptionist Jenna Fischer (AKA Pam) and accountant Angela Kinsey (AKA Angela) teamed up to bring us just what the world needs in 2020, more of The Office. Each week, the former co-workers offer insider insight into an episode of The Office. Angela has daughter Isabel from her first marriage to Warren Lieberstein. 

Sibling Revelry 

Siblings Kate and Oliver Hudson explore familial relationships with other sibling guests each week. The siblings will make you really love your brother or sister. Kate is mom to Ryder Robinson, who she shares with ex-husband Chris Robinson, and Bingham Hawn Bellamy, who she had with Matt Bellamy. The mother-of-three also has daughter Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa with partner Danny Fujikawa. 

NAKED with Catt Sadler 

You may remember Catt Sadler from her years as a host on E!. The single mother of two has been honest about why she walked away from her dream job and decided to pursue other efforts. In her podcast, NAKED, Catt speaks to a new woman every Thursday celebrating her guest’s accomplishments and journey to where they are. Sadler co-parents sons Austin and Arion with her ex-husband Kyle Boyd.   

Dirty Diana 

Demi Moore brings you the erotic podcast you never knew you needed. Moore plays Diana, a woman who runs a website where women submit their fantasies. “Young people are learning about sex through traditional porn, which, unfortunately, is all about servicing,” Moore shared with Vogue, “There’s nothing that even resembles the reality of what a woman experiences or desires.” Dirty Diana will change that. Moore has daughters Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah, who she famously co-parents with Bruce Willis

The Jillian Michaels Show 

You may remember Jillian Michaels from her time on The Biggest Loser. Today, she dedicates herself not only to the show but to help people transform their lifestyles. Jillian’s podcast is rated #1 in the U.S. Top Health Podcasts and focuses on finding health and happiness in all areas of your life, not just the gym. Single mom to Lukensia and Phoenix, Michaels co-parents with former partner Heidi Rhoades. 

Going To Bed with Garcelle 

The weekly podcast is hosted by the newest member of The Real Housewife of Beverly HillsGarcelle Beauvais. Each Thursday, Beauvais alternates between celebrities and real people to discuss dating, relationships, and sex. There is no topic off-limits for the mother of three. She has son Oliver from her first marriage to Daniel Saunders and twin sons, Jax and Jaid, with ex-husband Mike Nilon. 

Brandi Glanville Unfiltered 

Not that we ever expect the former Beverly Hills Housewife to be filtered, but her podcast is everything you’d expect and then some. Brandi Glanville chats with other Hollywood celebrities and discusses all things pop culture. You can also get all your Bravo gossip while getting a hearty laugh. Brandi co-parents sons Jake and Mason with ex-husband Eddie Cibrian.  

Next Question with Katie Couric 

Katie Couric happens to be one of my favorite commenters on Instagram. She is hilarious and honest, and you get the same thing in her podcast, Next Question. Every Thursday, Katie speaks to someone influential in news, pop culture, or politics. Katie is a single mom to daughters Elinor and Caroline, whom she had with her first husband, Jay Monahan. 

In Charge by DVF 

The fashion designer who made the wrap dress a closet essential inspires women as she visits her influential friends in their homes to discuss survival and the incredible journey of life. Prepare to fall in love with Diane von Furstenberg. Diane wed Prince Egon Zu Fürstenberg in 1969, and they had Prince Alexandre von Furstenberg, and daughter Princess Tatiana von Furstenberg before divorcing in 1972.  

The Goop Podcast – Gwyneth Paltrow co-hosts this podcast with her CCO, Elise Loehnren. Get your dose of spirituality and new things to try. The Goop co-workers invite industry disruptors to speak with them about anything and everything in an attempt to shift “old paradigms and start new conversations.” Gwyneth co-parents daughter Apple and son Moses who she shares with ex-husband Chris Martin. 

Are you looking for more amazing moms to listen to? Listen to the One-Woman Village podcast here

The Single Mothers of Beverly Hills

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The impact of the Real Housewives franchises cannot be ignored. Not only have they taken over our televisions, but the women have changed the perception of what it is to be a traditional housewife and continue to knock down barriers with every season and franchise. Each season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has featured at least one single mother, which is an excellent representation of reality, considering that one-in-four parents in the United States today are unmarried. Over the years, we’ve seen marriages, divorces, and everything in-between on the show, but one constant has always been how dedicated all the women are to their children. Below we’ve rounded up the sixteen single Housewives we’ve seen over the past ten seasons of the Beverly Hills franchise.  

Kyle Richards is the only Housewife still on the Beverly Hills franchise from Season 1. We’ve seen her on the show with husband Mauricio Umansky, but Richards had a previous marriage when she was 18. Kyle and Guraish Aldjufrie wed in 1988 after she learned the pair was pregnant with their daughter Farrah. Kyle has shared that she was “a baby with a baby” when she had her first daughter.  
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My forever valentines ???

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Adrienne Maloof was married to plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif during her time on Housewives. The couple was famous for their arguing, and though Adrienne doesn’t blame the show for their divorce, she does believe it put things “over the edge.” The exes have three children, Gavin and twins Christian and Colin. 
Kim Richards and sister Kyle were both members of the original cast. Kim was married to Monty Brinson from 1985 to 1988and they have a daughter, Brooke, together. Kim’s second marriage was from 1988 to 1991 to Gregg Davis, and they had son Chad and daughter Whitney. Kim had her youngest daughter Kimberly with Jack Johnson, who she dated seriously in the 1990s. Richards is now a proud and protective grandma to Hucksley and Hunter
Camille Grammer was one of the OG Beverly Hills Housewives and was famously married to Kelsey Grammer during her first stint on the show. Their very public divorce in 2011 shocked everyone when it appeared Kelsey’s infidelity was no longer able to be hidden. Together they have children Mason and Jude. 
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#FlashbackFriday The two Loves of my life. ??

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Brandi Glanville is one of RHOBH’s most outspoken friends by far. The mother of two is passionate about everything she does. Her marriage to Eddie Cibrian ended after his affair with Leann Rhymes in 2010, and together they co-parent sons Jake and Mason. 
Dana Wilkey briefly came into our lives as a friend in Season 2 and was infamous for her $25,000 sunglasses. Wilkey has one son, John Cayden Flynn, with ex-fiancé John Flynn who she dated while on the show. 
Taylor Armstrong was married to her late husband, Russell Armstrong, during filming. In 2011 Russell tragically committed suicide, leaving Taylor to raise daughter, Kennedy. 
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So in love with these babies!

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Marisa Zanuck was a friend of the Housewives and was married to husband Dean Zanuck while on the show. The pair divorced in 2016 after thirteen years of marriage and have two children, son Jack, and daughter Darryl. 
Perhaps the most tabloid-recognized friend of the Beverly Hills cast, Faye Resnick has been popping in and out of the show since Season 1. She is godmother to Kyle Richards’ daughter Alexia and you may also recognize her from her Keeping Up With The Kardashian cameos. She and her second husband Fadi Halabi married in London and had daughter Francesca together.
Carlton Gebbia joined the cast for Season 4, and we got to know her husband, David, during a few cameos. After her time on RHOBH, the pair announced their separation in 2016 after 18 years of marriage. Their divorce finalized in 2018, and the two continued to live together, co-parenting their three children – Destiny, Mysteri, and Cross. 
Yolanda Hadid definitely has the most famous children in the Housewives franchises. She was married to David Foster during most of her time filming, but she had her children from her first marriage. Yolanda and ex-husband Mohamed Hadid were wed from 1994 to 2000 and had two daughters, Gigi and Bella, and one son, Anwar.
The Pretty Mess author has been very private about her son due to his profession as a police officer. Erika Girardi and Thomas Zizzo married in 1991, and she gave birth to Tommy shortly after before divorcing in 1996. Erika recently shared the first photo of her son ever on her Instagram because she was proud of her son for being an essential worker during the pandemic. 
Eden Sassoon, daughter of famed hair stylist Vidal Sassoon, joined the cast in Season 7. She and Tomer Devito divorced in 2008 and share custody of their two children, Olivia and Tyler. 
Denise Richards came into the Bravoverse in Season 9 of Beverly Hills and was already a celebrity in her own right. She and ex-husband Charlie Sheen were well-known actors in Hollywood and were married from 2002 to 2006. Together they have daughters Sam and Lola. Denise later adopted daughter Eloise on her own in 2011.
Garcelle Beauvais is the newest Beverly Hills Housewife. Garcelle had son Oliver from her first marriage to Daniel Saunders. The mother of three has been candid about her oldest son Oliver’s past with substance abuse, which led to her work with the Los Angeles Mission. Beauvais was with Mike Nilon for ten years before their marriage came to an end due to infidelity. Together they have twin sons, Jaid and Jax. Oliver recently had a son, Oliver Junior, making Garcelle a grandma!  
Sutton Stracke is the first Southern belle to join the RHOBH cast, and though we don’t know much about the Season 10 friend, we do know she got her money from her first divorce. Apparently, her ex-husband, Christian Stracke, won’t allow their children film, which is why Bravo demoted her to a friend. The pair were married for 17 years and separated in 2017. Together they co-parent daughter Porter and sons James and Philip. 

Learn more about single Housewives from other franchises here. 

15 Mommy Memoirs To Get Lost In

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There is something truly special about a person being able to share their story. A red carpet photo may look picture perfect while not revealing what is going on behind the scenes, but these celebrities shared it all in their memoirs. I recently listened to Naya Rivera’s on Audible. Though it was challenging given her tragic passing, her book’s ending was incredibly thoughtful and a testament to self-love. It inspired me to round up all the mommy memoirs I could remember. I hope they inspire you and offer a few laughs.  

Sorry, Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up by Naya Rivera 

Written right after she gave birth to her son Josey, Naya’s book is honest and laugh-out-loud funny. You’ll get a dose of Glee tea and a 101 lesson in what it means to accept and love yourself truly. 

Yes Please by Amy Poehler 

Funny girl Amy Poehler literally brought me to tears as I listened to her raw and honest memoir. A candid take on divorce and what it means to move on after you’ve loved and lost.  

Secrets of a Sparrow by Diana Ross 

Diana wrote her autobiography in 1993 and shared lots of juicy details about her career and personal life. The icon also published a photo book, Diana Ross: Going Back, in 2002 that is definitely worth perusing. 

Love, Loss, and What We Ate by Padma Lakshmi 

The Top Chef host has come a long way since her modeling days. I recently binged her newest show, Taste The Nation, where she gives an intimate look at her relationship with her daughter Krishna. She also has three cookbooks: Tangy Tart Hot and SweetThe Encyclopedia of Spices & Herbs: An Essential Guide to the Flavors of the World, and Easy Exotic if you are looking for some inspiration in the kitchen. 

Unqualified by Anna Faris 

Anna had asked ex-husband Chris Pratt to pen the intro to her memoir before they divorced, and even though it must have been awkward AF at the time, he still did it. The actress and podcast host shares an inside look at her marriage and how tough it can be to navigate all the things women and mothers juggle at any given moment. 

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? And Other Concerns by Mindy Kaling 

Mindy shared her voice twice before becoming a mommy to daughter Katherine. Her first book gave fans an inside look at Mindy’s brain and was followed four years later by her 2016 book Why Not Me?.  

True Love by JLo 

Jennifer Lopez released her memoir in 2014 along with an HBO special, Dance Again, sharing a behind-the-scenes look at her tour where ex-husband Marc Anthony ultimately joined her on stage in Puerto Rico. It was beautiful and emotional, and her book is nothing short of the same. 

Inside Out: A Memoir by Demi Moore 

The usually private Demi Moore opens up about rape, motherhood, and her three divorces in her tell-all. The actress reflects on her substance abuse battles and her time in Hollywood. 

It Seemed Important At The Time: A Romance Memoir by Gloria Vanderbilt 

Gloria is one of my mom’s favorite American royalty celebrities. Vanderbilt had a difficult life and continued to open her heart to love, which has always been an inspiration in our household. She penned not only one, but four books. Her memoir gave an intimate look at her life, and later she and son Anderson Cooper co-wrote The Rainbow Comes and Goes: A Mother and Son on Life, Love, and Loss.  

Elvis and Me: The True Story of the Love Between Priscilla Presley and the King of Rock N’ Roll by Priscilla Presley 

Priscilla worked with contributor Sandra Harmon to give an inside look at life with the one-and-only Elvis Presley. Priscilla gets real about their whirlwind romance, the affairs, and how they stayed connected even after their divorce. 

Diana: Her True Story by Andrew Morton

So Diana didn’t technically write a memoir all by herself, but she did shock the world in 1992 with the publication of In Her Own Words. Andrew Morton penned the book, but Diana was a significant contributor to the biography. It was the first time people heard from the Princess herself.  

Sarah the Duchess of York, My Story by Fergie 

The Duchess of York had a pretty public separation from Prince Andrew, and the mother of two quickly shared her story. The book was published in 1996 with help from contributor Jeff Coplon and spilled all the tea. She also wrote Finding Sarah and What I Know Now along with children’s books Little Red, Ballerine Rosie, and Tea For Ruby.  

Kris Jenner…And All Things Kardashian by Kris Jenner 

Kris was a little early on her memoir, in my opinion, but that only means her next book will have way more details. The momager gets real about her divorce, raising six kids, and what really happened when the OJ case took over their lives.  

Wildflower by Drew Barrymore 

We’ve seen Drew Barrymore grow up on-screen in front of us, and the actress is finally sharing how she found happiness. She also details the loss of her father and how one mundane activity saved her. Drew also penned Little Girl Lost back in 1990 after a tumultuous childhood as a kid actor and released Find It in Everything, a collection of photographs. 

Whiskey In A Teacup: What Growing Up in the South Taught Me About Life, Love, and Baking Biscuits by Reese Witherspoon 

This book is by no means a traditional memoir, but it is part-memoir and part-Southern hospitality in a one-of-a-kind look at Reese’s life. Learn a little about the Southern belle and learn some delicious recipes while you’re at it. 

Single Mamas In The Big Apple

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I’m a Bravo lover. Like millions of other Americans across the country, I like to decompress after a long day while watching reality television. Andy Cohen genuinely makes me feel like I’ve had a hug at the end of my day before I go to sleep after watching WWHL. To say that the Housewives have had an impact on our culture would be a major understatement. They have merchandise, spin-off series, even spoofs– I once had a small cameo in this hilarious RHONY-inspired video while I worked at Racked and it still makes me laugh hysterically. The twelfth season of The Real Housewives of New York is currently dropping jaws every Thursday night and since I’m missing my apartment in NYC quite terribly I decided to make use of my time during commercials and round up all of the incredible single mothers we’ve encountered throughout the series.
It only seems right we start with a little royalty. Bravo royalty that is. Countess Luann De Lesseps has been on the show since Season 1 and is a true OG of the entire franchise. The Countess has two children, daughter Victoria and son Noel, with Count Alex de Lesseps. Though the two were married for sixteen years, they divorced after two seasons on RHONY. LuAnn loves to do a cabaret and currently has a skincare line collab with SONÄGE with a jewelry line coming soon.
Bethenny Frankel, undisputedly the housewife of all housewives, has truly taken us through her entire journey. We saw her start out as a young go-getter starting out her Skinny Girl brand and eventually that included sharing her relationship with Jason Hoppy after they met at Tenjune nightclub in 2008. Even after she exited from the RHONY world (for the first time) we got an intimate look with Bethenny In Love and Bethenny Ever After. After a three-season-hiatus, Bethenny returned and we got to see a slight glimpse of the torture she was living in her marriage before it turned into a custody battle for their daughter Bryn. Bethenny was always very clear her daughter was her priority and ultimately left RHONY for the second time after Season 11. Besides taking Skinny Girl from a snack to a fully global brand Bethenny also is a philanthropist and offers disaster relief via bstrong.
Kelly Killoren Bensimon was on the show from Seasons 2-4 and got divorced right before her time on the show started in 2007. She and famed French photographer Gilles Bensimon have daughter Sea Louise and Thadeus Ann Bensimon AKA Teddy. The mother of two has opened up about her struggle with postpartum and why it ultimately led to her divorce. Today, Kelly is a realtor and connects with her fans via her podcast
If any housewife embodies the Upper East Side ideal that comes to mind when I think of the ladies of New York, it’s Sonja Morgan. Anyone who has ever seen an episode of the New York franchise of Housewives (specifically Season 11’s Berkshires episode) knows that Sonja was married to a Morgan, as in grandson of J.P. Morgan, and you don’t ever disrespect the family. Sonja and John Adams Morgan were together from 1986 to 2006 and had daughter Quincy. Sonja has a clothing line, Sonja by Sonja Morgan, and a shoe collab with French Sole NY.
Jennifer Gilbert came onto the show as a friend of Jill Zarrin’s in Season 3. She and husband Bennett Egeth separated shortly after her time on RHONY and she now raises her three children in New York City–daughter Blaise and twin boys Saxton and Grey. Jennifer has become a huge advocate for those with alopecia sense Grey’s diagnosis with the hair-loss condition. Gilbert has written her memoir I Never Promised You A Goodie Bag and is the owner of event-planning company Save The Date.
Aviva Drescher appeared for two seasons on RHONY with husband Reid Drescher (cousin to Fran Drescher), along with son Hudson and daughter Sienna. She had a son, Harrison, with her first husband Harry Dubin. Yes, that Harry. The Housewives alum has spoken about how she manages her blended family and how she only sees it as more love for the children. Aviva is the co-founder of One Step Ahead, a philanthropic group that provides prostheses for children who cannot afford them.
Dorinda Medley has been on the show since Season 7 and I often wonder what we did without her. She has one daughter, Hannah Lynch from her first marriage to Scotsman Ralph Lynch. After her divorce, Dorinda married Richard Medley, who spent many of Hannah’s formative years with her. In recent seasons Dorinda has opened up about how hard it has been for both Hannah and her after losing her late husband Richard in 2011. You can buy Dorinda merch from her site featuring a few of her epic quotes, such as ‘I made it nice’ or (my personal fave) ‘I’ll tell you how I’m doing, not well bitch.’
We first met Jules Wainstein in Season 8 thanks to Dorinda and I remember being inspired by how real and raw she was about her eating disorder. Her marriage to Michael Wainstein on the other hand definitely gave me pause and his controlling ways were painfully obvious on the show. Jules ultimately chose to leave for personal reasons and shortly after her time on RHONY the pair separated. The mother of two says it was during the filming of her one season of the show that she realized how “alone” she was. She is currently in a legal dispute after an incident took place in early 2020 and is working on co-parenting son Jagger and daughter Rio.
Barbara Kavovit was introduced to the cast as a friend of LuAnn’s in Season 11. She has raised son Zachary as a single mother since he was four years old. When asked about her decision to move into the house intended for her family of three with just her son in 2005 Barbara told the New York Times, “Things don’t always work out the way you want them to. You have to recreate yourself for the changing times. You have to be prepared.” The RHONY friend is a certified badass, managing construction company Evergreen, owning tool line DIYVA, and is the author of Heels of Steel.
Leah McSweeney is the newest member of the New York squad and has been like a breath of fresh air. She is unlike any previous RHONY Housewife and come to think of it, I don’t know any other franchise has someone who could be compared. The Manhattan-native has one daughter, Kier (AKA Kiki), who Leah refers to as her “best friend, soul mate, life partner.” She and Rob were together four years and separated when Kier was 2. They co-parent and share weekly family dinners. The RHONY mom is the creator of the clothing line Married to the Mob that will inspire you to wear one-liner shirts all day.

Meet Cristina

Cristina and Nicholas

I first met Cristina through my friend Stephanie. She was a bridesmaid in Steph and Marissa’s wedding, but I got to know her a little better at the Bachelorette Party. She drove us all to Las Vegas from California and I immediately noticed how attentive she was. As soon as we arrived at the hotel she called her son to check in on him and I made a mental note. I had already had the idea for One-Woman Village, so I immediately knew I wanted to interview her once I got it together and launched the site. That was seven months ago and now she’s my first mommy interview and I could not be happier! 

Cristina raises her son Nicholas in California. Nicholas is five years old and absolutely adorable! During our chat we discussed the importance of self-care and how she practices it, why she prioritizes taking photos with her son, and how she’s staying sane during the pandemic. Watch her full interview below.

Cristina Cazares One-Woman Village Interview

20 Gifts To Spoil Yourself For Mother’s Day Under $20

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner. It’s crazy to think Sunday May 10 will be a day in which we celebrate moms around the United States indoors, but I personally believe it is one of the most important holidays of the year so you should really do something special.

Mother’s Day in my home typically consisted of all the kids getting together to make the moms brunch with mimosas at my grandparents house. Later in the day my Uncle Robert made steak and lobsters. It was hands down the fanciest holiday meal we ate all year and it was all for the mommas!

At the very least mothers deserve one day in which they are celebrated, appreciated, and spoiled. You may not be in the celebrating mood this year after being stuck inside with your kiddies for days on end, but I’m here to tell you that you deserve to take a moment for you. Below, I compiled a few items I think will help you feel a little pampered on your special day.

The Single Mothers Conquering the Senate

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There have been 57 women serve in the Senate in the history of the United States. The first female in the Senate, Rebecca Latimer Felton, took her oath on November 21, 1922 in the state of Georgia after filling the vacancy left when the previous senator, Thomas E. Watson, died. Rebecca wasn’t technically voted in, but she led the way and since then women have continued to fill Senate seats across the county.

Following the 2018 elections, we were blessed with 26 women voted to serve in the Senate, the most we have seen in history. It is major and we can only hope to see more come this November. Below you will find the women serving who have defied the odds and represented their communities and their families as single mothers

Dianne Feinstein Twitter
Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)
Dianne and Jack Berman eloped in 1956 when she was twenty-three. Dianne’s middle sister Yvonne Banks described the marriage as her “way out.” The two had a daughter, Katherine, in 1957 and were divorced when she was nine months old
After living as a single mother for a year and a half, she met Bertram Feinstein whom she married in 1962. He was so enamoured with Dianne he apparently asked her to marry him over coffee, but she refused his proposal for another year. After they were married, Feinstein supported Dianne’s political dreams until his passing from colon cancer in 1978. 
Dianne has one granddaughter, Eileen Feinstein Mariano.
Elizabeth Warren Instagram
Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)
Many people didn’t know much about Elizabeth Warren in 2014 when A Fighting Chance was released. She was Senator of Massachusetts by then and up for re-election in 2018, but it was her intimate revelations that got voters to view her in a different light. In her book, Warren opened up about being a single mother for the first time
According to her memoir, Warren first attended college on scholarship before dropping out at age nineteen to marry her high school boyfriend Jim Warren. She eventually moved to New Jersey and finished school before becoming a special needs teacher and having her daughter, Amelia, at the age of twenty-one. Her dreams of going to law school were almost crushed by her need for child care (she potty trained her daughter in five days) and by the end of her third year at Rutgers Law School was expecting her son, Alex. 
She divorced in 1978 and struggled after graduating to get a job at a law firm. When she was finally able to get a job teaching law, child care was again a struggle and she almost quit. It was with the help of her Aunt Bee, who moved from Oklahoma, that Warren was able to make it through tough times. “I’m a United States Senator today in part because my Aunt Bee rescued me on that Thursday in 1979. Without child care, I was a goner. And I know how lucky I was because so many working moms don’t have an Aunt Bee who can fly in and help out,” Warren shared at the National Women’s Law Center 45th Anniversary Gala. 
Warren is now grandmother to three thanks to her daughter Amelia.