Kim Kardashian-West On Why She Won’t Lie To Her Kids

Kim Kardashian-West is on fire after she broke television screens this weekend while guest-hosting Saturday Night Live. Since then, the single mother-of-four has been everywhere dressed in hot pink and honest as ever.

The Calabasas-native is being applauded for being relatable; one of her sketches, Ladies Night Song, gives a nod to what life as a mom is like out in the club. The good, the bad, and the sleepy.

Today, Ellentube brand Oh Bubble, a community dedicated to being a ‘timeout for moms’ debuted #MomConfessions with the mommy mogul. Kimmy gets honest about the meanest thing her oldest daughter, North West, has ever said to her and why she doesn’t like to lie to her kids. Watch her video interview below.

‘I’m guilty of a good bribe.’

Kim Kardashian-West

What’s a warning you’d give someone about having kids? 

I would honestly just say, it’s not really a warning but just maybe it’ll calm you: everyone’s winging it. Just wing it, you’ll figure it out. 

What’s your biggest parenting fail?

My biggest parenting fail is I give in too easily and bribes. I’m guilty of a good bribe. 

What’s the meanest thing your child has said to you? 

Every time I get into some kind of disagreement with my daughter North, she thinks this is a dig to me. And she’ll say, ‘your house is so ugly it’s all white. Who lives like this?’ She just thinks it gets to me and it is kind of mean, because I like my house. 

What’s something you’ve had to learn on the fly as a parent?

Everything, honestly. I mean this week I’m learning to play Roblox. So everything parenting-wise is on the fly. 

What’s a lie you recently told your kids?

I really try not to lie to the kids. I was doing that at the beginning, to try to get them out of the house, or to try to go into a playdate or things like that. And i just realized quickly that it wasn’t going to work for me and I’d rather be honest with my kids.


What’s a trait of yours that your child has that you wish they didn’t?

Maybe my love for makeup, because they’re too young. I don’t know, but then I kind of like it because they’re super creative and they do like fun costume looks. Maybe my love for sweets?

What’s something your kid has said or done that creeped you out?

Every time my kids are playing with bugs, or their fascination with spiders and loving spiders creeps me out on another level.