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15 Times Single Moms Rocked The Super Bowl

Halftime shows have been wowing us since 1967. Though at first, they consisted mostly of school marching bands, they were entertaining nonetheless and tradition performers try and include in their performances. Think of the badass band show you saw when Beyoncé performed in 2016 alongside Coldplay and Bruno Mars. 

Since then, they’ve evolved significantly with the help of Pepsi and the sponsored Pepsi Halftime Show and now millions of people tune in to watch. In 2020, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira brought in over 102 million viewers in a performance few are soon to forget. Below, we’ve rounded up the fifteen times single moms took to the stage during the Super Bowl Halftime shows.

1970: Carol Channing 

1972: Ella Fitzgerald and Carol Channing 

1981: Helen O’Connell 

1990: Irma Thomas 

1992: Dorothy Hamill

Figure skater Dorothy Hamill was married at the time and divorced her husband in 1995. Hamill performed a gold medal-winning performance at the 1992 Olympics gaining her notoriety in the early 1990s.

1993: Tanya Tucker and Winnona Judd of The Judds

1996: Diana Ross 

1998: Martha Reeves 

2000: Christina Aguilera and Toni Braxton

This performance at the beginning of a new century was epic. Both women did not become single moms until years later.

2001: Britney Spears 

Ah what a simple time. Back when Justin and Britney were still an item and jean head-to-toe looks were chic.

2003: No Doubt with Gwen Stefani and Shania Twain

Gwen Stefani now can be seen on screen full time on The Voice, but back in 2003 she was still just a girl from Anaheim.

2004: Janet Jackson 

This may be the most scandalous Halftime performance in history. And the only one with a boob shot, too.

2011: The Black Eyed Peas with Fergie 

2012: Madonna 

2020: Jennifer Lopez 

JLo gave a special shout out to Puerto Rico and brought out her daughter Emme for a super special mother-daughter moment on the halftime stage.

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